Joan Miró – Theatre of Dreams

A Documentary by Robin Lough
A Co-production of RM Productions, Iambic Productions and LWT South Bank Show


With his seemingly naïve, symbolic paintings, Joan Miró formed a new artistic language in the 20th century. Brought up in Barcelona, the painter, graphic artist and sculptor was drawn to Paris and, under the influence of the surrealists, developed his unique style and poetic imagery that unite Catalan folk art and fantastic elements. Robin Lough followed the 85-year-old Miró to theatre rehearsals and went to see him in his studio on Majorca. There he met with an amazingly creative and disciplined artist, whose visionary pictures paved the way for abstract expressionism.

Available at Arthaus Musik (DVD)




Producer:  Christopher Martin
Director: Robin Lough
Cameras: Joe Walters, John Hooper
Sound: Andrew Boulton
Editor: Charles Chabot
Language: German, English, French, Spanish
Running Time: 56 min
Year of production: 1978