„Im Labyrinth der Geschlechter“

„Im Labyrinth der Geschlechter – Frauenfiguren der Händel-Zeit“
(ARTE TV broadcasted on 18.11.19)

In the baroque opera the women roles were characterised by sensitivity, courage and virtue. At the same time gender roles were playfully transcended in opera. Women sang male and female roles, castratos as well. Three stars of the early music – Vivica Genaux, Anna Prohaska and Hana Blazikiva – interprets arias and duets at the Handel Festival 2019 and slip into big women’s roles such as the Arianna and the Dafne. Star countertenor Lawrence Zazzo and the baritone Fulvio Bettini were at their side.




Producer:Torsten Bönnhoff
Production Management: Ina Bönnhoff
Director: Myriam Hoyer
Cameras: Andreas Splett, Swen Frommolt, Thomas Kluge, Frank Menzel, Florian Geiss
Sound:Carsten Hundt, Leif Ziemann
Editor:Stephan Langnickel
Running Time:75 min
Picture Format: 16:9
Year of production:2019