Heinrich Schütz – Der Vater der deutschen Musik

A documentary by Jörg Kobel
A Monarda Arts production in collaboration with Arthaus Musik and the Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen


Heinrich Schütz was presumably the first internationally renowned German composer. In the 40 years he spent as court “kapellmeister” in Dresden, he left a strong impression on musical life in Europe. Although he was named “father of our modern, meaning German, music”, he was long forgotten after his death in 1672. His works in their clear beauty still seem up-to-date, almost modern. However, only his vocal works – a small part of his extensive oeuvre –  are known today.
Narrating this documentary are, amongst others, international musical experts from Germany, Venice or Copenhagen – like David Douglas Bryant, Bjarke Moe, Prof. Matthias Herrmann, Dr. Christina Siegfried – as well as conductor Hans-Christoph Rademann, who was the first to record Schütz’s complete (known) oeuvre.


Available at Arthaus Musik (DVD)



Directed for Screen by: Jörg Kobel
Author: Jörg Kobel
Production Monarda Arts/Arthaus Musik: Luis Noschang, Diana Kallauke, Markus Steffen
Camera: Conny Beißler
Editor: Stefan Urlaß
Postproduction: Digital Images GmbH
Language: German, English
Subtitles: German, English
Running Time: 66 min
Picture Format: 16:9
Year of production: 2015