Falstaff (Giuseppe Verdi)

Opera in 3 acts
Live at the
Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern
A production of Monarda Arts in collaboration with Arthaus Musik


The stout Sir John Falstaff has financial problems. To refill his empty pockets he strives for amorous affairs with Alice and Meg, the wives of the rich citizens Ford and Page. The two ladies might even have consented, had they not received identical love letters. So they decide to play a trick on him. At the same time Alice exposes her husband’s chronic jealousy. In the end, Nannetta, the Fords’ daughter, is allowed to marry for love against her father’s plans. Finally, a nightly masquerade in Windsor park brings out the moral of the story: „Tutto nel mondo è burla – All the world’s a burlesque“. Towards the end of his operatic work, Giuseppe Verdi succeeds in a brilliant comedy of characters with philosophical wisdom and sparkling musical wit. The libretto of Arrigo Boito is based upon William Shakespeare’s comedy „The Merry Wives of Windsor“ and scenes from „Henry IV“. Bernd Weikl’s witty production shows the simultaneity of tragedy and comedy. The opera’s motto „All the world’s a burlesque“ is also reflected in the stage design of Thomas Doerfler and in the costumes of Julia Holewik. Both set and clothes are inspired by Shakespeare’s theatre, the Italian tradition of „Commedia dell’ arte“ and the world of circus.


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Producer: Torsten Bönnhoff, Erwin Stürzer
Producer: Oliver Becker
Directed for Screen by: Ellen Fellmann
Assistant Video Director: Jörg Mohr, Eva Kohlweyer
Cameras: Michael Boomers, Winfried Herrmann, Bernd Kolass, Reinhard Buri, Andreas Weber
Sound: Claudia Wronski, Holger Klöden
Production Manager: Marita Stocker
Editor: Eva Kohlweyer
Postproduction: Digital Images GmbH
Language: Italian
Subtitles: Italian , English, German
Running Time: 118 min
Picture Format: 16:9
Year of production: 2010


Creative Team


Composer: Giuseppe Verdi
Libretto: Arrigo Boito
Conductor: Uwe Sandner
Director: Bernd Weikl
Set Design: Thomas Dörfler
Costume Design: Julia Holewik
Chorus Master: Ulrich Nolte
Choir and Orchestra: Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern

Sir John Falstaff: Bernd Weikl
Ford: Carlos Aguirre
Fenton: Steffen Schantz
Dr. Cajus: John Pickering